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How it all started…

Geoffroy Van Humbeeck, founder of aSmartWorld, has worked for ten years all around the world, three of which were spent in the logistics sector. His experience opened his eyes to the aberrations of production processes and end-of-life management of electronic devices.

« Many people are unaware of the extent to which certain components are harmful to humans and to the environment. The production of smartphones leads to high CO2 emissions, consumes precious resources, only to leave electronic waste at the end of their lives, which is dangerous to the environment, and expensive to process ».

Geoffroy Van Humbeeck, founder and CEO of aSmartWorld

Back in Belgium, he has a new idea in mind: to develop the refurbished market of smartphones by making it a part of a circular and local economy.

The idea is then quickly put into action…

Europeans change smartphones, on average, every 2 years. Refurbishing unused devices is therefore a matter of course now, in order to make most of these devices gathering dust and give them a new life.

All of this is achieved at aSmartWorld, thanks to precise quality and security standards that allow new customers to purchase, easily and without any risks (with a 1-year guarantee), cheaper but equally high-quality devices.

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