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Our mission

More durable, more transparent, and more accessible electronic.

Sustainable : aSmartWorld offers solutions to reduce the impact of electronics on the environment.

Transparency : It is this transparency that allows each of us to consume more responsibly and to be in control of our choices.

Accessibility : aSmartWorld is working to make electronics accessible to those with fewer resources.

Our vision

aSmartWorld wishes to become a reference in terms of innovation and durability on the European market of refurbished smartphones.

A high-performance smartphone is a key tool in our modern world. However, its production and distribution, unfortunately, have a negative impact on the environment. So, how can we reduce it ?

aSmartWorld offers a sensible alternative to new or unreliable second-hand products.

Buying and selling refurbished products – with no surprises and no risks – is to enter the virtuous circle of the circular economy, to fight against over-consumption and to participate in the creation of a better world. One smartphone at a time.


The refurbished market is still opaque.

To fight against this, aSmartWorld has set up a perfectly transparent short circuit, by working with specialised local players. This ensure that all devices passing through our premises is fully traceable, from collection to redistribution. Indeed, each client can check the origin and destination of each device on our website.


Taking part in a circular economy means working together for the environment and society.

aSmartWorld believes in the virtuous circle of the circular economy (reduction, repair, reuse) to extend the lifespan of everyday products. This value creation affects individuals as well as businesses and communities.

aSmartWorld helps to avoid the abundant use of scarce and expensive raw materials. By extending the lifespan of electronic devices, we significantly reduce the associated CO2 emissions.


aSmartWorld aims to reduce mankind’s negative impact on the environment.

The idea that it is possible for a business to carry out an activity that is positive for the environment and the society, has been fundamental when creating our start-up. Since the beginning, aSmartWorld has been working to build a more sustainable and humane world.


Innovative ideas are often the key to bring change.

How to reduce the harmful impact of electronics on the environment? How can we minimise the consequences of our operations and even generate a positive effect on society? aSmartWorld adopts innovative solutions and works with partners aligned with its values to meet all its challenges.