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aSmartWorld provides the best possible transparency on the path your device has taken.

To fight against the opacity each of us may have been confronted with when buying or reselling our device, aSmartWorld has developed a tool that allows you to discover the origin or the final destination of you smartphone or tablet.
Type your IMEI :

To discover the origin or destination of your device, all you need to do is enter its IMEI* number in the box below.

In order to guarantee respect for privacy, only the city and the country will be informed.

* The IMEI number of your device is available on your invoice or on your trade-in contract. This is a unique identifier, consisting of 15 to 17 digits. If you still have the device you want to know the origin of, you can also find your IMEI by typing *#06# in your call menu or by searching for your device's information in its settings.

What are the objectives of such traceability ?

  • Firstly, to guarantee to people who have sold us their equipment that it now has a second life within the European Union,
  • Secondly, to reassure buyers about the origin of their device, by showing them that the circuit we are setting up is both short and responsible.