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Together, all connected !

Contribute directly to reducing the social inequalities caused by the digital divide ! How ? 'Or' What ? By trusting aSmartWorld !

Digital exclusion exists close to where we live and perhaps affects our neighbor, our neighbor, a member of our family ... The confinement during the Covid-19 awakened the consciousness of citizens in the face of digital exclusion, this impossibility for a large number of Belgians to access information and communication technologies.

In order to provide a structural response to this silent social inequality, the Fondation pour l'Inclusion Digitale (FID) was born.

For each device sold or purchased at aSmartWorld, 2 euros are donated to FID . The 3 million unused smartphones lying around in household drawers can make a real difference !

The money donated to the foundation will make it possible, in collaboration with various partners, to organize awareness raising conferences and webinars. Citizens, businesses and public authorities will thus be better aware of the issue of digital inequalities present in our territory.

An annual round table will also be organized to bring together the various players in the field. The goal? Create synergies between the different actors in order to increase the impact of their actions.