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aSmartWorld, your local refurbishing expert

Refurbishing in all transparency

aSmartWorld buys back unused smartphones and tablets from individuals and companies. The refurbishing process then begins.

  1. First visual test
  2. Certified data cleansing
  3. Technical control
  4. Component replacement
  5. Quality Control
  6. Packaging and accessories
  7. Listing and warranty

A total of 7 steps are necessary in order to guarantee optimal reconditioning to give a second life to our smartphones and tablets.

Each of these steps is an essential link in our repair system.

First test

An initial visual test will determine which devices will be refurbished. Those that can’t be repaired will be recycled by a trusted partner.

Data cleaning

By definition, a refurbished product has had a first user. A data clean-up is therefore necessary, because no one wants to find holidays photos or the contact details of the previous owner on their device. All data is erased using an ADISA-certified programme and the device is reset to factory settings.

Technical control

Then, each device is checked by professionals. Do the touch screen, the home button, and all other buttons work properly? And the microphone? Can the device be charged without any problem, does it overheat? Does each pixel display functional? What about the camera, flash, and speakers? The list of points of attention is very comprehensive.

Remplacement of components

Depending on the results of the technical control, some components will be replaced.

Good to know: many spare parts consume a large amount of valuable raw material. That is why, in order to act in an eco-friendly manner while guaranteeing quality products, we replace defective parts with parts recovered from a non-repairable device (when possible) to limit electronic waste and save resources.

Regarding the battery, the following rule applies: those that do not pass the 85% charging capacity threshold are replaced. If each battery had to be replaced, the refurbishment would have a negative impact on the environment.

Quality control

Just as in the first technical inspection, a total of more or less 30 tests are carried out on the smartphone or tablet to ensure an optimal final quality. The device is also cleaned and disinfected in order to satisfy its future owner as much as possible. Finally, the device is graded solely according to the quality of its visual appearance, as its different functional capabilities do not vary between the different grades.

Packaging and accessories

Restored devices are tested again before packaging.

As it would be a pity if the refurbished device is damaged during the shipment, it is packed in a neutral box, and is well protected against possible shocks during transport.

The reason why we do not use original packaging is simple: most of manufacturers do not want to provide this to repairers because they are afraid the devices will be sold as new.

A set of new and compatibles accessories is included: charger, usb cable and SIM card extractor.

Sale and warranty

Refurbished devices are offered for sale on our website or marketplaces that connect professional sellers and private buyers.

The price of a refurbished device varies according to its aesthetic grade. But whatever the grade is, the device will function perfectly, and at prices up to 50% lower than new ones.

Each device comes with a 12-month guarantee, proving the importance of the quality of the refurbished work.