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Our initiatives

Our company is committed and in constant search of innovation. In our fight for a more equitable and sustainable world, we are therefore taking part in various initiatives.

Discover them now!

Our collaboration with the Pairi Daiza Foundation

The production of smartphones leads to a degradation of the natural habitat of gorillas: precious minerals are extracted in the heart of their place of life. 50% of the profits from this action are donated to the projects of the Pairi Daiza Foundation.

Our collaboration with the Red Cross of Belgium

In order to offer access to digital inclusion to as many people as possible, aSmartWorld and the Belgian Red Cross have decided to join forces ! 20% of functional devices collected will be redistributed to the Belgian Red Cross to enable isolated people to benefit from the digital tool and thus remain socially connected.

Connected Smiles

Together, the teams of Solidaris, the Belgian Red Cross and aSmartWorld, with the support of the King Baudouin Foundation, are working for digital inclusion in Belgium.
In addition to distributing refurbished smartphones and tablets to people in need in Belgium, we are also ensuring that beneficiaries can be trained to use them.

KU Leuven

Revive Your Phone is organized by aSmartWorld and the Green Office of KU Leuven and aims at collecting the smartphones and tablets you no longer use to give them a second life. By contributing to this action, you can have a positive impact on both the environment and society.